Jewish Peoplehood: An American Innovation

Hot of the Press. The new book is now available!
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Does Jewish Peoplehood Have a Future?

In the era of globalization, some argue that the concept Jewish peoplehood is outdated. Professor Noam Pianko of the University of Washington explores the past of Jewish peoplehood and considers its future possibilities in this dynamic talk.
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Ruth Behar on Stroum Center

"Stroum Center Doing Amazing Things!"
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Jewish Studies. Thinking Forward

Director of Stroum Center discusses the future of Jewish Studies at the University of Washington and Beyond.
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Jewish Peoplehood and the Nationalist Paradigm

Honored to be included in this edited volume that emerged from a conference in honor of my friend and teacher, Arnold Eisen.
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Zionism Conference at Hebrew University

Looking forward to participating in this conference at Hebrew University.
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Pedagogies of Engagement in Jewish Studies

A conference I helped organize at Brandeis…

For all its astonishing success in recent years, academic Jewish studies has yet to explore how it can most fully engage the lives and minds of its students and of the larger communities of which it is a part.

The Project on Pedagogies of Engagement in Jewish Studies has recruited a group of professors of Jewish studies to confront directly the issues facing Jewish studies and to build together new pedagogic models that respond to the challenges and opportunities of student engagement.

The phrase “pedagogies of engagement” signals:

new ways of teaching that show promise of engaging students more fully;
a closer attention to and focus on students’ experience and students’ learning in academic courses, whether they employ new or more traditional ways of teaching ;
a concern for civic and communal engagement on the part of our students, as a desirable outcome of our teaching;
a bolder view about the role of Jewish studies in the community, including engagement of community members beyond the particular students who show up in our classes.

For more, see Pedagogies of Engagement in Jewish Studies | Research | Mandel | Brandeis University.

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Coffee Brewing Guide

My sister-in-law is suffering from coffee withdrawal after a vacation with me as family barista. My guide for french press perfection!
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NoamPianko Dot Com Now In Japanese

What does a Japanese Casino want with a Jewish studies prof's URL?
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Does it Matter if Authenticity is Authentic?

Whether or not authenticity is authentic, its cultural prominence plays a significant role in the vocabulary and practices of Jewish identity formation.
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