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  • Jewish Peoplehood

Jewish Peoplehood: An American Innovation

Hot of the Press. The new book is now available!

Does Jewish Peoplehood Have a Future?

In the era of globalization, some argue that the concept Jewish peoplehood is outdated. Professor Noam Pianko of the University of Washington explores the past of Jewish peoplehood and considers its future possibilities in this dynamic talk.

Ruth Behar on Stroum Center

"Stroum Center Doing Amazing Things!"

Jewish Studies. Thinking Forward

Director of Stroum Center discusses the future of Jewish Studies at the University of Washington and Beyond.
  • De Hirsch Cornerstone 2

The Emergence of Reform Judaism

What can we learn about American Judaism from these photos from a cornerstone laying ceremony […]

  • Thinking Jewish Culture in America

Jewish Peoplehood and the Nationalist Paradigm

Honored to be included in this edited volume that emerged from a conference in honor of my friend and teacher, Arnold Eisen.